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Autumn ’15 Newsletter.


Hi all.

Another brief newsletter from me.

As you may have noticed we have slightly tweaked the look of the main site, good or bad let us know. If you have any issues with its features or layout please let us know so that we can rectify the problems.

You may also have noticed that we are now using a Barclays Bank Gateway for all our checkout payment options except the Pay Pal options. Its quite an apt time for me to change the gateway to them at the moment with all the Press regarding Talk Talk and their security issues. This is the main reason why we have gone for the Barclays option as its hosted with in their website and has their complete security back up along side our SSL security side. the PayPal options is done with in their site once again so that all payments via this method is once again is protected. We take your confidentiality and general security when you are on our site very seriously and will continue to do so. The main site (outside the SSL area) is broadly covered for malicious and Malware by Sitelock Security so we think we have all bases covered for a worry free time on the site.

The British shooting season is well under way as I type this, but I’m guessing as most other gamekeepers and shooter’s are experiencing¬† we need colder weather to help contain birds and help aid feathering up. Foxes seems to be on the increase again this year from reports I am getting whilst talking to shooter’s across the country. Seems like that they are also starting to pair up already – may be another sign of this hard winter we are currently getting told is coming this winter???

On the target shooting side I still haven’t dirtied my barrel this Autumn yet but plan to do so soon down at Bisley. The GB F Class League 2015 season is drawing to a conclusion this next week end with round 8 at Bisley and going by the results so far its still up for grabs in both the F-Open and F-TR disciplines. Good luck all in the running!!!

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