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Why not trade in your old presses, powder throwers and dies when you upgrade or change caliber? As long as they are complete and in  decent usable condition, we can now offer a trade in service, where we can give you an in-store credit against any future orders. Please contact us for an appraisal of your wares.

We are currently looking for the following Brands RCBS, REDDING, L E WILSON, FORSTER AND HORNADY


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Spring ’17 Update

Just a brief not to update you, with regards to changes our end. I’ll put a more comprehensive post out when time permits. Anyway new Distribution Center now up and running with Nathan at the helm, contact number is 01263 739923. Both collections and sales inquiries can be made on that number but for me technical advice please use this number as per usual 01263 732740 Also due to UK gun law changes we can now post expanding projectiles NOT ammunition.

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Enter stage right.

Happy new year guys n gals.

News updates:

As from early 2017 I’m very proud and pleased to introduce our newest team member, Nathan. Nathan comes from a non shooting background but with a varied career in both retail and customer services. His contact details will be confirmed in due course when he has settled in. He will be handling new projects for 1967spud Reloading (of which there are a few and one major big one) and main day to day operations.

With Nathan coming on board this will free up more time to allow me to continue writing articles for Rifle Shooter magazine and also restart doing more You Tube videos. (suggestions accepted).

The website is now bigger, better, faster and more secure with our very own dedicated servers, hopefully this will make the experience more enjoyable and a lot quicker to surf.


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Happy Xmas

Happy Xmas guys and gals from all of us here at

A genuine thank you for all your support over the year.

We have new things coming in the 2017 new products and services will unfold as the year goes on.

The website at long last is where I want it, in both terms of range of products and speed to use it. (bit of a learning curve here, but I think we are there now)

I will introduce Nathan in the new year who starts with us in early January as my right hand man.

Here’s to 2017 and as usual onwards and upwards!!!!


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Autumn ’15 Newsletter.


Hi all.

Another brief newsletter from me.

As you may have noticed we have slightly tweaked the look of the main site, good or bad let us know. If you have any issues with its features or layout please let us know so that we can rectify the problems.

You may also have noticed that we are now using a Barclays Bank Gateway for all our checkout payment options except the Pay Pal options. Its quite an apt time for me to change the gateway to them at the moment with all the Press regarding Talk Talk and their security issues. This is the main reason why we have gone for the Barclays option as its hosted with in their website and has their complete security back up along side our SSL security side. the PayPal options is done with in their site once again so that all payments via this method is once again is protected. We take your confidentiality and general security when you are on our site very seriously and will continue to do so. The main site (outside the SSL area) is broadly covered for malicious and Malware by Sitelock Security so we think we have all bases covered for a worry free time on the site.

The British shooting season is well under way as I type this, but I’m guessing as most other gamekeepers and shooter’s are experiencing  we need colder weather to help contain birds and help aid feathering up. Foxes seems to be on the increase again this year from reports I am getting whilst talking to shooter’s across the country. Seems like that they are also starting to pair up already – may be another sign of this hard winter we are currently getting told is coming this winter???

On the target shooting side I still haven’t dirtied my barrel this Autumn yet but plan to do so soon down at Bisley. The GB F Class League 2015 season is drawing to a conclusion this next week end with round 8 at Bisley and going by the results so far its still up for grabs in both the F-Open and F-TR disciplines. Good luck all in the running!!!

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Autumn 2015 News Letter

Hi all.

It’s been a while since the last newsletter so I thought I’d better crack on and do one. Since the last newsletter we have brought on many lines from supplies from the USA including the Hi Littlecrow WFT & WFT 2 trimmers, Farley Front Rest’s and 21st Century Reloading Gear.

Firstly looking at the WFT & WFT 2 trimmer’s, with the WFT trimmer you can trim you cases down to a set depth with a Cutter that you can put in to a slow speed drill they are calibre specific . How they work is that they set the depth of cut off the shoulder so are repeatable and easy to use. The WFT 2 trimmer works exactly the same but is designed to be calibre family specific, so the .308 Win family will do 7mm-08 .243 .260 Rem with the change of a centre bushing that is available separately. They come in all calibre families i.e. WSM .223 etc

The Farley front rests give us UK shooters another option to obtain a front coax pedestal rest for either Bench Rest of F Class type disciplines or simply a decent front rest for load development. There are loads of accessories available for them and they can be adapted for either above discipline with a change of the base. They are in stock and ready to go NOW so no long waits for them to arrive.

Lastly on the new product front is the world famous gear from 21st Century which includes many innovative products such as the Hydro Press which with you can gauge the seating force required when seating bullets. Other desirable products from the range include the awesome neck turning lathe and the stainless primer seating tool. We struggle to keep some of the products on the shelf for more than a day or two as they are very popular. That’s about it for news on new products, but as I always say keep looking in the “Shop” as all new products tend to get listed there as I get them on to the site.

Bullets are at long last becoming more readily available with nearly all the Hornady Amax on the shelf at the same time, just missing the mighty 162g 7mm version. We have had good feedback from shooter’s using the new Sierra Tipped Match Kings with nearly all calibre’s holding good groups at extended ranges. They seem to be very easy to seat with regards to seating depth. Some of the long awaited American powders are at long last back on the shelf but we are still struggling to get and keep “Varget” on the shelf let alone in the shop.

On the shooting front we have been both glad to and proud to be able to support two GB shooting teams as sponsors. These being the GB F Class Team who have just finished shooting the 2015 F Class Europeans at Bisley Camp in the UK. They did us proud by shooting very well in both the team and individual competitions. The other Team we have been made main sponsor of is the GB Bench Rest Team who is currently shooting in the USA in St Louis as I type this. Good luck to both teams in their current and up and coming competitions in the next 12-15 months. On a personal shooting note I am about to start my Pheasant, Partridge shooting season. After such a wet spring and summer I’m not holding out much hope for the wild stock making much of an appearance this year.

On the rearing field it’s also been hard work with the young stock due to the weather as well. Rain and cold are not ideal for young chicks so fingers crossed for this forth coming season in that direction I have been rapidly reloading most of the summer when time is on my side in preparation for my forth coming winter shooting at both Diggle and Bisley, this year I will be mostly shooting Bench Rest with the first comp on the calendar being the 600yd at Diggle Ranges up at Manchester. I’m thinking about using the 6mm Dasher for this again but my 7mm Shehane will be wearing a new barrel hopefully by then, so I’m keen to try that. I’ll be hot footing it down to Short Siberia at Bisley in early November with the PPC in hand ready to do battle at the 100yd Bench Rest.

That’s about it for now I’ve blathered on long enough!! Spud.