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JULY Newsletter

July Newsletter

Hi all just another quick update to bring you all up to speed with what’s new and happening to the site. Sorry it’s been so long since the last update but we have been incredibly busy.

As I am sure you are all aware it still remains difficult to keep a decent stock of both bullets and certain powders. Due to this point I am not at this time offering Hodgdson powder for sale until I can guarantee a more readily supply. We are how-ever now stocking Ramshot powder for immediate despatch as well as always Vihtvaouri. Redding dies are becoming more available at long last with certain other products.

We are expanding the lines we now sell on a daily basis. Ranging from clay traps by Bowman Traps all the way through to the very excellent Seb rear bags. Keep an eye on the Benchrest section of the shop as a lot of specialist reloading and shooting accessories have been added. I’ve split the shop in to sections “by discipline” for easier navigation.

Currently the Lyman Pro 1200 Case Tumbler  is our best seller as it comes complete with media and at a posted price of  £60 represents fantastic value. At long last all Lapua cases are back in stock in decent quantities and also including their new case to the range the .221 Fireball. Hornady Amax bullets are a real struggle at the moment with only a few 1000 left in stock in mostly .30 cal. Fingers crossed we will see fresh supplies again this year of Amax, i wish i had a crystal ball for that one. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the new Bore Riders  (HERE)  we are now selling. Here is another small niche product but a fantastic item and really sort after.

On a personal level no shooting for me until November due to work commitments (Mainly Pheasants, I am a Gamekeeper by day) any way I will be at the targets by winter. Starting with a few local club shoots to get use to the gun again and then of to Diggle Range for the 600yd Benchrest season. Moving on to the new year I will be once again trying the 100 yard Benchrest and the odd F class week end, Which nicely brings me on to some good news for 1967spud and that is that we are now sponsoring the GB Team for 100 & 200 yard Benchrest which are currently now shooting in France attending the Europeans. Good luck guys!!

Well that’s me done yapping for a while I have a load of neck turning waiting for me to do for a customer.
ATB Spud

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