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1967Spud Gossip

Hi all and welcome to a quick post on new stock arriving and gossip from with in 1967spud.

New product ranges are arriving on a daily basis now as we speak. As we all know getting products in for orders let alone for stock from the USA is very challenging at the moment with no for see-able easing on the horizon.

Any way some good news…

We are glad to announce that we are now stocking the new Magnetospeed Chronographs both version 1 & 2 see link (here).

Also from stock we can now supply and deliver Zirkon Sand which is used for rear and front bags for bench rest shooting, its very very heavy for its mass. I’m trying to keep the price of this down to make it more economical for every day users. See (here) for more info.

Moving on with new ranges from Archer, FLIR,  Pulsar, Longbow and Yukon we venture in to night vision with digital, thermal and infrared viewers/scopes available.

We have rearranged the the Home Page/Shop By to the most popular brands being shown with the option to see all current brands that we sell in the bottom left of that menu.

Hopefully the website is a little bit easier to navigate around than the previous version, I’m continually tweaking it, much to the annoyance of my IT Tech Heather.


I’ll add more here on an as and when basis.


ATB Spud



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