MAGAZINE TYPE 8 shot in cal 4,5 (.177)
8 shot in cal 5,5 (.22)

8 shot in cal 6,35 (.25)

7 Shot in cal 7,62 (.30)

STOCK Synthetic

Laminate Black Pepper

BARREL FX Smooth Twist X
Match grade

4,5 (.177) Length 500 mm

5,5 (.22) Length 500 mm

6,35 (.25) Length 700 mm

7,62 (.30) Length 700 mm

230 Bar • 3300 Psi

11 mm dovetail scope mount

MUZZLE Built-In Shroud system with additional moderator.
(variations may occur depending on country).


Adjustable match trigger (200 – 500 gram)

ENERGY 4,5 (.177): 24 J • 18 ft/lbs
5,5 (.22): 41 J • 30 ft/lbs

6,35 (.25): 65 J • 47 ft/lbs

7,62 (.30): 95 J • 70 ft/lbs

AIR CAPACITY 4,5 (.177) 230 cc
5,5 (.22) 230 cc

6.35 (.25) 300 cc

7,62 (.30) 300cc

Not removable

LENGTH 4,5 (.177): 680 mm
5,5 (.22): 680 mm

6.35 (.25): 900 mm

7,62 (.30): 900 mm

CHARGING Quick charge system MkI
MORE FEATURES Interchangeable Barrel Liner System (with changeable core barrel liner to obtain various twist rates).
AMP Externally adjustable pressure regulator.

Product Code cat09079C
Gun Type Airgun FAC
Gun Make FX
Orientation Right Hand Stock
Mechanism Pre-Charged Pneumatic
Barrel Length Standard Barrel
Gun Style Air Rifle
Gun Condition New
Choke 2 None

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The FX Wildcat may be the perfect compact airgun. Beautifully balanced, light weight, smooth cocking, and featuring a trigger that would be exceptional on any rifle, let alone a bullpup. The original Wildcat upon its debut in 2015, quickly became a top selling airgun the world over. Now in 2018 FX’s engineers have brought us the Wildcat MKII.

The MKII builds upon the groundbreaking Wildcat, adding the all new FX Interchangeable Barrel Liner System. This is the system that allows users the ability to exchange barrel liners, and if desired upgrade the FX Smooth Twist barrel liner that comes standard with the MKII, to an upgraded FX Smooth Twist X Barrel. The X Barrel liner is a fully rifled smooth twist barrel, available in varying twist rates and bore specifications that tailor to the vast array of airgun projectile weights and shapes.

This new barrel system lends to a Wildcat that is now much lighter in hand. Other upgrades include an upgraded reloading mechanism, trigger, and updated airflow that obtains better consistency and shot count.

The rest of the original Wildcat stays perfectly undisturbed. Features include the highly accurate internal air regulator, easy load magazine system, finger print resistant finish on all high-grade aluminum parts, and a fully shrouded barrel. The cocking lever has been perfected to be the smoothest operating sidelever possible with only the highest quality materials used. Forward placement of the lever provides quick and soft cocking of the gun with only the slightest of hand movement away from the trigger.

The Wildcat MKII enhancements continues to solidify its status as the perfectly designed and executed bullpup featuring all the performance and accuracy that has established FX Airguns as the finest airgun manufacturer in the world.


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