Multech Labradar RAT Recoil Trigger (comes complete with Aim sight)


Recoil Activation Trigger for your Labradar chronograph.

Want to ensure your Labradar unit never misses a shot, especially with a silencer fitted, look no further than this brilliant piece of equipment.

The RAT (Recoil Activation Trigger) will just show you that technology do come in small packages, measuring in at a very small 30mm x 20mm this will be the smallest piece of equipment in your range bag.
Simply plug the 1.3m cable into your Labradar microphone port before switching on, attach the RAT box with the supplied velcro strips anywhere on the chassis, stock, bipod, rail or anywhere so it can “feel” just a hint of recoil and you can spend the rest of your range time focusing on your groups instead of worrying your unit might miss a shot or 2.

Another big advantage is you can now have your Labradar unit basically next to you within comfortable reach, no need for a big tripod in front at the muzzle when shooting from a bench, it wont disconnect, it will just keep on doing it’s job, full stop.

Tested from the very small .204 right through to the big boys.


Labradar Aim Sight

Struggling to ensure your Labradar chronograph are pointing in the right direction?
Still using a straw or tube?

Get yourself this nifty aim, loosen 1 bolt and attach it permanently. Nice low profile so it wont interfere in the bag, you wont even know it’s there, until you need it for setup, then you’ll realize it’s always been there ready for use.

Available in black only.

6 in stock (can be backordered)

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