Pressure inside the rifle causes the brass to flow forward until it becomes necessary to remove the excess material from the neck walls. The Forster Neck Reamer (mounted in the cutter shaft in place of the pilot), removes that excess brass.

The Neck Reamer is made of high grade, wear resistant tool steel and ground .0025″ to .003″ over the maximum bullet diameter. The staggered tooth design cuts the brass smoothly without chattering. Neck reaming is done after firing and before you full length or neck size the case. Wall thickness may be measured with a tubing micrometer, but for a faster check, slide a bullet into the unsized neck of the fired case. If you feel interference, then it’s time for inside neck reaming or outside neck turning. (+)These reamers are for those reloaders who ream their cases after the sizing operation and just before seating bullets.

NOTE: For use with Forster Original and Classic 50 Case Trimmers. * Requires a .17 Caliber Cutter Shaft (11-CTC-417) available separately. + Used for neck reaming after resizing.

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