The Forster Hand Held Outside Neck Turner tool allows the reloader to make absolutely certain that their bullet is being released consistently from the case neck. At the point of ignition, the case neck must expand to allow bullet release. If the case neck is thicker on one side than the other, the thinner side will release the bullet sooner and causes a slight bullet-to-bore misalignment that can seriously impair accuracy. This tool will with the use of Hand-Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots (sold separately) will allow the reloader to turn the case necks to a uniform thickness. The carbide cutter is precision ground and has a micrometer adjustment knob to 5 ten-thousandths of an inch in either direction to make certain case necks are uniform.

Technical Information:

Material: Steel, Carbide Cutter
Calibers Size Accepted:17 through 60 Caliber
Pilots Used: Forster Hand Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots (sold separately)
Accuracy: .0005″ in either direction
Features: Micrometer adjustable

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