A very limited edition series of Berserk is available for Pre-Order only! ONLY 6 ARRIVING HERE

GRS have produced a limited edition series of Berserk stocks in Ral 8000 colour for the Tikka T3 and T3X only.
There are only 30 units for the UK, which makes each piece quite unique. GRS have no plans for further production.

  • ONLY 30 units available in the UK
  • Will be supplied by early May 2018
  • Fits the T3/ T3X rifles.
  • Item number GRS104429
  • Ral 8000 colour
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A lot of customers would like to have our ergonomic and adjustable features, but they want them to come in a more tough and durable material than the laminate.
GRS Berserk is our answer. Made from glass fiber reinforced material is is rugged, strong and withstands any kind of weather. The rubber grip and fore end surfaces gives you a firm grip in wet and cold conditions.

Berserk stocks comes with pillar bedding Blocks made from 65% glass fiber as standard and do not need glass bedding!

Recommended torque is 5nm.

Please note The Berserk comes in right hand configuration only.

The new adjustment system locks on the maximum LOP of 30 mm.

GRS Berserk is available in the following inlets:
Tikka T3 T3X (all Calibers)


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