L E Wilson Case Holders for Trimmers – Rifle (New Case) 6MM/6.5X47 LAPUA


Case Holder for Trimmers – the case holders will hold several caliber with in a range.

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The case holder holds the case for trimming, primer pocket reaming, neck reaming and deburring with our Uniform Deburring Tool. The L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder provides the ultimate accuracy and uniformity for trimming your cases. The unique design of the case holder supports the case body, much like a chamber of a firearm. The Case Holders are precisely manufactured for consistent results and repeatability.

* The FIRED Case Holders are for Neck Sized Cases. * But, if we DO NOT make a “New Case” holder for your caliber then this will work for all cases (NEW, FIRED OR FULL LENGTH RESIZED).

** For example: we only make ONE holder for the 222/223 Remington. This will work for all Fired / New and Full Length Resized Brass



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Trimmer Case holders

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