Pro-shot 3 Peice .17 Cleaning Kit (Copy)


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This kit contains our Superior 3 piece stainless micro-polished rod and is excellent for carrying to the range or hunting trips. 

* American Standard #5/40 thread, will fit Pro-Shot accessories and most other major mfg.  

Kit Includes:

 12″ Length Swivel Handle Rod

 2 Qty.- 12″ Length Rod Sections

 Brass Spear Tip Jag for .17 Cal.  
.17 Cal. Brass Core/Bronze Bristles Bore Brush
Sample Pack- 3/4″ Square World Famous Pro-Shot Patches

1/4 oz. bottle of 1-step cleaner & lubricant



Sampler of 1 1/8″ Sq. and 21/4 ” Sq. Cleaning Patches 



Packaged in a reusable tube for storage and convenience.


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