BERGER CLASSIC HUNTER (x100) – .270 140G


Our Berger Classic Hunter Series Bullets are designed for the most discriminating shooters and outdoorsman who insist their loaded rounds function flawlessly through any rifle magazine. Classic Hunters are tailored specifically for factory rifle applications where SAAMI length loaded rounds are a must. If your pre-hunt regiment is to assemble today’s best reloading components to the maximum overall length (OAL) in your loading manual, Berger Classic Hunters are the new best-in-class. Load up the confidence you deserve while out in the elements, experiencing the hunt of a lifetime.

Berger Classic Hunters are offered in select weights that provide exceptional downrange performance in today’s factory rifles. No custom barrels, special twist rates or reloading tricks are needed to achieve cutting-edge results. Classic Hunter ballistic coefficients (BC’s) exceed other market clones due to the unique ogive properties provided by our innovative hybrid-shaped bullet nose. The hybrid design combines the best of both tangent and secant ogive features, resulting in the best ballistic performance with less sensitivity to bullet seating depth. Easy to load and shoot with Berger match-grade quality materials and award-winning results.

Berger Bullets ballistician Bryan Litz states “The Classic Hunter provides a unique solution that shares the hybrid design and ballistic properties of a match-quality target bullet, yet allows hunters magazine feed reliability. Now reloaders from entry-level through expert class have an obvious choice for their next hunt.”

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