Lapua Scenar L HPBT – 7mm 180gr


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Lapua’s record-breaking line of Scenar target bullets were first introduced in the mid-1980s, and immediately made a name for themselves. They were the very first European manufactured OTM bullets and set the standard from that point on. In 1990, the Scenar was used in Moscow to set a new world record in 300 meter ISSF competition, points 600 out of a possible 600. Literally, a perfect score. The Scenar’s accuracy and unrivaled consistency has made them the natural choice for the serious competitor.

But it gets better. We at Lapua have never been content to rest on our laurels. We have recently undertaken a major program to make these outstanding bullets even more accurate. Not a redesign in ballistics, but a refinement in all manufacturing steps. Using our state of the art manufacturing capabilities and decades of competitive experience, we have set out to tighten all measures and requirements, including our already famous quality control standards. Closer weight tolerances, tighter jacket wall concentricity standards, and greater uniformity in every dimension, starting from the gilding metal cup, lead wire and jacket forming, ending up to core-jacket assembly, boat tail pressing and tipping. Several new proprietary machines, manufacturing steps and advanced instrumentations combined to the ScenarL manufacturing line never seen before in bullet production. We also took our already high quality control standards and kicked them up a notch.

This new generation of match bullets has been dubbed the ScenarL, and is a fitting successor to the vaunted Scenar family. Sharing the same aerodynamic profiles as their predecessors, the ScenarL  are the perfect choice for any type of competitive shooting. Whether it’s ISSF or CISM, Benchrest or F-Class, Silhouette, High Power Across the Course or Long Range, the new ScenarL line will give you the extra edge that takes you to the winners circle.  Based on the Scenar’s proven track record of competitive successes, Lapua’s new ScenarL  will  deliver the ultimate performance in the most demanding competitive environments every time. Precision craftsmanship, painstaking quality control standards, state of the art manufacturing technology and advanced ballistic design all combine to make the new ScenarL the very best of the best!


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