Forster Bushing Bump Sizing Die Kit – 6.5 X 47 LAPUA (Includes 3 Bushings .291″,.289″,.287″)


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Developed with input from some of the worlds most discriminating reloaders and competitive shooters, our unique design allows precise case neck sizing, shoulder sizing and decapping of spent primers in one easy step.

Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die Instructions

Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die Sales Sheet

Our Bushings for the Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies are Smooth as Silk and Cryogenically Treated. An ultra smooth bushing produces better loaded rounds. We use a super cooling Cryo treatment to finish our bushings, which are comparable to or even superior in, smoothness to coated bushings. Cryo treating produces filler particles that refine and close the grain structure of the steel. This denser metal structure creates a greater surface area, thus reducing both friction and wear. After the bushings are heat-treated, they are cryogenically treated in an aircraft-quality lab. The steel is subjected to a precisely controlled slow cooling process which eventually reaches an extremely cold threshold. The bushings are then slowly warmed to room temperature and cycled through a controlled heating process. The result is increased wear resistance, improved dimensional stability and prolonged life.


  • One-step bushing reduction/bump operation sets the shoulder back to keep your case neck in better alignment with the case�s center line
  • Prevents overworking of case necks, as well as controls the amount of neck tension for your bullet seating operation
  • Over 90 available bushings allow case necks to be sized to your exact requirements
  • Versatility allows you to custom size your cases to your specifications
 Partial Neck Sizing

Partial Neck Sizing
You can adjust the bushing to allow partial case neck sizing, allowing the unsized section to better align the cartridge in the rifle chamber. This action places the bullet close to the lands of the rifling with equal pressure at top and bottom.


 Shoulder Sizing Art

May Even Bump the Shoulder without Changing the Case Neck Diameter
By removing the neck bushing altogether, you can use the Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die to bump just the case shoulder without changing the neck diameter. This action maintains proper headspace in any chamber, custom or factory setting.




Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies are available either individually (order bushing of your choice) or in a kit with three pre-selected bushings most likely needed to produce accurate ammunition with proper neck tension. Please note that an Expander ball is not included with the Bushing Bump die.

Ordering information
Bushings are available separately. If you’re making cartridges for a tight chambered rifle, you might need smaller bushings. Alternatively, you might need larger bushings if you are not outside neck turning and are using brass cases with thick neck walls. They are available in .001″ increments, just order by the inside diameter desired.




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