Optimal for cold and/or smooth surfaces.

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Optimal for cold and/or smooth surfaces, Tempilaq G® Indicating Liquid is a quick, easy and cost-effective method to verify the achievement of a specific temperature on a wide range of surfaces under dynamic conditions.

  • 43 different temperature ratings from 175°F to 1900°F (79°C to 1038°C)
  • Reliably accurate – melts within ±1 percent of rated temperature
  • Easy to apply quick-drying fluid
  • Non-flammable for maximum safety and unrestricted shipment
  • Standard packaging:  2 oz bottles
  • Certification available upon request
  • Numbered production lot for traceability

Quick application and accurate results. When applied to a surface, Tempilaq quickly dries and forms a dull and opaque film. The film liquefies when heat is applied to that surface and the rated temperature is reached. As the surface cools, the liquefied Tempilaq re-solidifies to leave a distinctly different mark, confirming that the target temperature has indeed been achieved.


  • Thermal mapping on multiple surfaces
  • Calibrating brake calipers
  • Wave soldering PC boards
  • Dielectric heat sealing
  • Post-forming plastic laminate
  • Annealing polished metal surfaces
  • Calculating glass temperatures at various heating stages
  • Calibrating industrial ovens

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