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So called “Grey Imports”

Just a word to the wise, we here at will not, do not and never have imported or sold so called “Grey” imports.

We are either officially approved importers/stockists or make all our purchases through the official importers/wholesalers depending on the manufacturer or product.

We endeavour to stock and keep on the shelf over 20 thousand different products at our Distribution Centre based in Norfolk. Some times things will go on back order, this is mainly down to extended delivery times from abroad and increased global demand in this period of Covid 19.

Every single item we sell is fully supported in both warranty and servicable parts. Yes other firms may be a little cheaper, but is the warranty supported?

Our company ethos is “nothing is to much trouble” and we pride our selves in both how far we have come in a short space of time, our collective knowledge we can share with you and our reputation.

Cheap is not always better. always pushing, always evolving.

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